Serving all ages, stages, + abilities

BRCF worked with the Shelbyville Parks Department and received a $160,000 grant from the Kellogg Foundation through its Access to Recreation Initiative to build an accessible playground in Kennedy Park. 

Kennedy Park will always hold a special place in my heart for several reasons. My son started walking with a reverse walker when he was almost two years old. Because of his age, disability, and visual impairment, we were limited on the places we could take him and he could walk and be independent. Kennedy Park was one of the only parks where he could just be a kid and play! I will never forget his smiles and giggles when he was finally able to have a place outside to play like all of the other kids!

We also met his physical therapist at Kennedy Park a lot because of its accessibility. So it was there that I saw my son take his first steps without a walker! Tears still come to my eyes as I think about his look of pride as he walked to me all by himself. If it were not for the inclusive environment of Kennedy Park, my son would have missed out on the simple joys of being a kid at the park!
— Sara Cummins

teaching children how to express themselves

BRCF funded the Arts in Education program through a Community Grant. The project allowed Waldron Elementary School students to think about art in a new perspective.

Andy, a kindergartner at Waldron Elementary, was asked about what “beautiful” meant to him after participating in the Arts in Education program funded through a Community Grant. The project incorporated artwork from the individual students into a big mural reading, “You Are Beautiful.” Andy pointed to his heart and explained, “It’s in here.”
— Waldron Elementary School

bringing art + culture to the next generation

Morristown Junior and Senior High Schools have more creative opportunities thanks to BRCF and its community grant.

The grant was to incorporate Photography into the Art Program at the High School and add Junior High Art. In doing so and entering competitions in the past year, we’ve had several winners in those categories thanks to your help! We had a Photography winner last spring for the Congressional Art Competition and her photo is currently hanging in Washington D.C. We had two 8th grade winners for the Shelby County drug calendar contest this year. We also had another Photography winner in the Shelby County Arts Fest student competition this year! If it wasn’t for your grant, then these things never would have happened!”
— Kathryn Smith, art teacher

2016 Grant Highlights